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The Rappahannock Wildlife Refuge Friends is an independent, nonprofit group of individuals dedicated to supporting the National Wildlife Refuge System and promoting awareness of the Rappahannock River Valley National Wildlife Refuge through education and support.


The Rappahannock Wildlife Refuge Friends Group, Inc. formed on August 24, 2004. A strategic planning conference was held at Heritage Park near Warsaw, VA with Rappahannock River Valley National Wildlife Refuge staff and mentors from other Refuge Friends groups. With their leadership, the emerging Rappahannock Wildlife Refuge Friends wrote the mission statement and appointed a Board of Directors.


The Friends Group and the Refuge Staff face some unique challenges since the Refuge system itself is spread out over many miles along the Rappahannock River Valley and the Friend’s membership is also spread out over many counties. The Friends Group is made up of people with diverse backgrounds and with diverse interests. Some like to build or maintain trails, some like to work with native plant gardens, some like to participate in bird counts, and others prefer to give monetary support only. What everyone has in common is a love of the National Wildlife Refuge System and its mission to help protect our environment and, in particular, our wildlife.


Over the past few years, this diverse group has had some major achievements. The Rappahannock Wildlife Refuge Friends has participated in local festivals, planted several native plant gardens as well as a wildflower garden, constructed over 3 miles of trails, participated in tree counts and bird counts, volunteered at the Refuge's annual Kid’s Fishing Day, sponsored a quarterly Naturally Speaking lecture series, developed an interpretive water trail brochure, participated in Congressional environmental committees, attended National Refuge Association conferences, earned large equipment certification, and supported the Refuge staff in countless other ways. We hope that you will be inspired to join us and support one of the treasures of our area, the Rappahannock River Valley National Wildlife Refuge.


President - Ann Graziano
Vice President - Earline Walker
Secretary - Ann Wood
Treasurer - Frank Graziano
Board Members - Linda Ball, Bruce Callis, Nora Kroll, Marie Minor, Bob Rugg, Lloyd Mundie, Richard Moncure, Gordon Page, Steve Colangelo